Chairmanís Remarks at the beginning of our 55th Season

With 33 Mixed, 43 Mens & 35 (now 33) Ladies teams, it had been agreed at the January AGM that all League Divisions would in future normally have 7 teams (instead of the previous maximum of 8) so that the preferred system of 2 up/2 down promotion and relegation could be guaranteed each year. Reducing to 7 teams per Division means 12 matches per season (6H/6A), which also serves to ease the pressure on the fixture schedule.

Team entries for KO events and Winter League remain free and with League Funds in a healthy state team entries for the Summer League remain at the reduced rate of £5 (previously £10). The somewhat draconian additional 8 points penalty for failure to field a team for a scheduled match, introduced on trial in 2015, has been reduced back to 4 points with no penalty for fielding just one pair. The system of allocating rescheduling dates in August at the end of the Summer League for matches unavoidably postponed due to adverse weather continues to be successful.

Early rounds of the O50s MIXED KO CUP(9 entries) are to be played in May/June so that the finalists can join the finalists of the Mixed Handicap KO Cup & Plate for all 3 Finals to take place on the 6 courts at Chippenham TC on Sunday 19th June, followed by Tea & Presentations.

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