General Etiquette
  • For matches, arrive on time to play: RULE 23 requires that scheduled matches shall commence by 6.30pm
  • Before starting to play, ensure any equipment you are not using (spare rackets, clothing, drinks, etc.) are out of the way.
  • Talk quietly if you are near tennis courts that are in use.
  • Do not walk behind a court during an active point. Pass as quickly as possibly after a point has finished.
  • Do not disturb people on any court until they have finished a point.
  • Do not criticise your partner or opponent. Be positive and offer encouragement instead.
Score Keeping
  • The server should announce the score at the start of each game, and also at the start of each point that follows in the game.
  • It is then up to the receiver, if they cannot hear the server's score announcement, to ask the server to speak louder. It is often too late to correct any scoring errors once one player believes they have won the game and it’s difficult to try and recall what happened on each point at the end of a game!
Line Calls
  • Both you and your partner have the responsibility for calling line calls on your own side of the court.
  • It is both the obligation and prerogative of players to call all shots landing on, or aimed at, their side of the net and to help your opponent’s make calls when they request it.
  • If you are unsure as to whether your opponent's shot was in or out ask for the views of the other players.
  • If your opponent makes a call that you disagree with ask “Are you sure”. Try not to say “That was wrong” (or words to that effect). If your opponent replies “Yes, I’m sure”, then relent. Your opponent may ask for your opinion and a decision to ‘play two’ may result.
  • If a player serves the ball fast it can be difficult for the person returning the serve to see whether the serve was in or not, particularly if it is on or close to a line. Therefore, your partner – the non-receiver should help make a call as to whether the ball was in or out.
  • In making a line call a player should not enlist the aid of a spectator or someone playing on an adjacent court.





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