Tennis Ball Collection/Distribution
Too much time can be wasted by not being efficient enough looking after tennis balls during a game. Here are some tips to help speed up this process and get tennis balls to the server as quickly as possible:
Keep tennis balls in your hand, in a pocket, in a ball clip, at the back centre of the court against the fence or in the net.
If there is a brief pause in play (even between points) look around for any tennis balls you could collect before the server wishes to start serving again.
If the server requires a tennis ball, the player closest to a ball should get it and pass it the server.
Often a ball from another court will end up on your court. To return a ball simply roll it safely to the back of the court and not direct to a player unless he/she requests it.
Tennis balls will end up scattered over the court during play, so you should retrieve balls for your partner and your opponent to keep the game flowing.
Do not pass a ball over the net to the back fence. Apart from the possibility of it bouncing off the fence and back onto the court, you could just as easily have kept the ball and passed it over the net to the server as he/she required it!
Score Keeping
The server should announce the score at the start of each game, and also at the start of the second point and each point that follows in each game. It is then up to the receiver if he or she cannot hear the server's score announcement to ask the server to speak louder. It is too late to correct any scoring errors once one player believes he/she has won the game!





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