Line Calls
If you are unsure as to whether your opponent's shot was in or out ask for the views of the other players.
Both you and your partner take responsibility for monitoring and reporting line calls on your own side of the court, unless your partners vision is compromised and the call is an obvious one.
If a player serves the ball fast it can be difficult for the person returning the serve to see whether the serve was in or not, particularly if it is on or close to a line. Therefore, your partner - the non receiver should make a call as to whether the ball was long or not.
In making a line call a player should not enlist the aid of a spectator or someone playing on an adjacent court.
It is both the obligation and prerogative of players to call all shots landing on, or aimed at, their side of the net, to help your opponents make calls when the opponent requests it, and to call against yourself any ball that you clearly see is out on your opponent's side of the net.
All players being human, they will all make mistakes, but they should do everything they can to minimize these mistakes, including helping an opponent. No player should question an opponent's call unless asked. When an opponent's opinion has been requested and he has given a positive opinion it must be accepted; if neither player has an opinion the ball is considered good. Obviously, aid from an opponent is available only on a call that terminates a point. In accordance with the laws of parallax, the opinion of a player looking down a line is much more likely to be accurate than that of a player looking across a line. When you are looking across a line don't call a ball out unless you can clearly see part of the court between where the ball hit and the line. This means if you are half a court or so away and a ball lands within two inches of a line it is almost impossible for you to call it with accuracy. A player who stands on one base line and questions a call concerning a ball that landed near the other base line is probably being ridiculous.





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